Five Reasons Why Weight Loss Challenge is Easier Said than Done!

If you’re an overweight person trying to rid yourself of those extra pounds, all you need to do is register for a weight loss challenge online eat healthy and stay active through the day.  Simple enough!

Then, why do you find it so difficult to make weight loss a reality? It’s because, many factors make a seemingly simple solution practically tough to implement.

weight loss

Good health isn’t seen as a parameter for judging success

Often, a myopic view of seeing body weight as the sole measure of your success can make you shelve your plans, especially if your weight remains stubbornly the same despite continuous striving.

To keep yourself from giving up, you need to maintain a daily record of your exercise and stick to your daily calorie intake to lose weight. And keep in mind the positive health benefits they bring you in terms of energy, stamina and cheerfulness.  As small an effort as this can bring you big benefits in your weight shedding attempts.

Your slimming strategy isn’t humane

Your strategy for thinning should be reasonable and make losing weight easier for you by accommodating human weaknesses.

As far as diets are concerned, opt out of rigorous plans, but remain conscious of what you put into your mouth.  You may also try and jazz things up a bit now-and-then by allowing yourself an occasional indulgence in your favourite foods.

On the exercise front too, take steps to make your gym-time fun.   Listen to your favourite music or choose yourself a workout buddy.

Your surroundings tempt you

Be it your home or your office, it’s a temptations galore out there. Many-a-days, you find your refrigerator overflowing with processed, fatty foods brought in by your life partner.  It’s not uncommon to find colleagues at office tempting you with donuts and pizzas either.

It is, therefore, important to take special care to not let your surroundings weaken your will for weight loss.  Talk to your spouse and colleagues about how much fitness means to you.  Sign up for some online support with a 6 Week Body Challenge on Facebook where you will talk to like-minded people going through a weight loss journey and get some support from all the nutrition coaches and the community. Also avoid making impulsive card purchases and read the labels thoroughly before buying your food.

It’s difficult to spur yourself on for long

As weight reduction requires tenacious efforts over a long period, it can be quite challenging to keep your enthusiasm going all the while.  Hence, make it a point to reach out to your family/friends or join an online forum for emotional support.

Happy or sad, food is your ‘go-to’

If you’re that type of a person who ‘treats’ himself/ herself to an ice cream for a great day at office or who finds comfort in a burger after a fight with your best friend,  then you can’t expect yourself  to thin down in the near future.   In fact, you’re more likely to overcompensate for the calories burnt in exercise with your emotional eating making it best to seek professional help in your thinning endeavours.

Thus, weight loss places on you the tall demand of making healthy choices every single day of your slim-down time.  Nevertheless, this arduous journey is worth all your efforts and much more!