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Personal Training Courses

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Personal Training Courses

How To Become a Personal Trainer

Steps for Becoming a Personal Trainer
These days, more and more people are aiming to achieve a healthier lifestyle, partly due to the rising awareness about the ill-effects of obesity and a sedentary life.

Naturally, the demand for personal trainers is also on the rise and it is one of the hottest careers worldwide right now. And Australia being a sports-loving nation, you can easily make a viable career from training people to stay fit, agile and strong.

All you have to do is complete your personal trainer courses from a reputable institution and you are on your way to becoming a successful personal trainer.

Want to become a personal trainer?

Do Some Research First
A well-planned approach is crucial when you want to achieve your career goal. There are hundreds of training institutes offering personal training certification that claims to groom you into a ‘first class trainer. However, not all of these are trustworthy so what you should definitely check is the accreditation.

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Accreditation with a national body of fitness trainers guarantees that the institute conforms to the industry standards. They employ some of the best coaches, follow the latest curriculum, offer a wide range of specialties and address every detail that is required to make you a COMPLETE personal trainer. Check out some tips for how you can start marketing your personal training business.

Consider your Own Convenience
Once you have decided to join personal trainer courses, you would definitely not like to quit midway because of any inconvenience whatsoever. So before enrolling, know all about the fee structure, timings, duration and any other details that are likely to clash with your daily priorities.

Many institutes offer online courses, some allow you to pay your fees in installments and some even offer discounts for early birds.

Begin your Study Program
Once you have worked out the details, it’s time to join your institute and start with your study program.

In Australia, the basic educational requirement for joining any institute is high school certificate and you should be 18years of age. On enrolling, you will do through the basics of fitness training, how to conduct classes, motivate your clients, expand your business and so on.

Completing this basic course awards you a Certificate III in fitness training which will enable you to work at a gym or be part of a group training program.

To become a full-time personal trainer, you need to study further and complete Certificate IV in fitness training. Once you have passed this stage, you will be qualified to train clients on one-to-one basis, start your own gym and offer group training sessions.

Do a Niche Course
Most top-rated institutes offer you the further advantage of undergoing a specialty or a niche personal trainer courses. Such courses improve your business opportunities and portray you further as an expert in your chosen field. Such nice segments can be kettlebell training, aerobics, pilates, geriatric training, rehab training, sports training and so on. You can find some great courses at:

Join a Training Session
Once you have your certificates and completed your niche, it’s time to get employed. It is advisable to initially join a gym or a bootcamp or group training session just to understand the details of the job.