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Making the Most of Your Functional Fitness Class

Tips for Making the Most of Your Functional Fitness Training Class

Exercising does not have to be a dull or boring one-hour schedule any more. With the introduction of Functional Fitness Training workouts, you will be able to enjoy training with other people who can prove good company as well as help to motivate you.

Fitness Australia CEC courses can be organized anywhere! You can meet up with friends in your backyard or a nearby park. A gym with all the regular equipment would be good, but the main purpose is to train in a company. So do not wait for everything to be perfect, start a boot camp class wherever and whenever it suits your small group of friends.

Before you get all enthused and go in for a hard workout with Functional Fitness Training, take time to do some warm-up exercises. Going straight into the heavy schedule you could injure yourself by pushing too hard. Given below are some safe static stretching exercises which will help you to warm up:

Here are some of the best kettlebell courses for CECs in Australia;

  • FFC
  • DFA
  • ETPA
  • AIFA
  • FTA

The Frankenstein Walk:

You need to keep your knees and back straight. Then walk and lift the legs out straight in front, all the while doing toe flexing. Do this for about 20 yards. For a ‘pushing harder’ version, try the same in skipping motion.

Try the leg swings:

Hold on to some firm support like a bar etc. and swing one leg outwards to the side. Swing the leg back in front of the other leg across the body. This exercise can be repeated ten times for each leg.

The macebell is a fantastic tool, nothing will build grip strength and shoulder strength like the mace! The one thing you will need to do though before training with the mace is to find a really good macebell certification. Maces can be dangerous so care must be taken!