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Stay In Shape With Steel Mace Training

The most loving gift you can give to yourself would be to stay in shape. Your body is your home because it holds all your organs, your emotions and above all it is the medium through which you can bring your thoughts into action.

A day does not go well if you do not feel good within yourself. So, it’s your responsibility to take great care of your body be it through steel mace training – Pilates or a healthy routine made by yourself. You can reap a lot of benefits if you stay in shape.

Boosts Your Confidence
To keep your body in shape does not mean having just a pretty face. It’s about feeling beautiful from within because of the hard work you have put in to keep your body safe from unhealthy eating, untimely sleeping and many other activities that harm your fitness level.

It’s your confidence that grows when you are in shape which ultimately leads to a better version of you. You should thank yourself for taking the right steps and also thank your steel mace personal trainer if he or she contributes to attain that fitness because it is not an easy job.

Choosing The Correct Weight
A 6kg steel mace is a good starting weight for most men, any heavier and you’ll likely struggle to control, stabilize and move the weight. A 4kg steel mace is recommended for most women.

Improves Your Health
If you make the effort to treat your body well then you will have the benefit of being a healthy person. The quality of every activity you perform depends upon how healthy you are because the stamina you need to complete your tasks comes from your body.

You can join a gym under a steel mace trainer – Pilates or you can restrain yourself from unhealthy habits within your everyday routine. The level of cholesterol will be lesser which will prevent fatal illnesses like heart failure or diabetes. It will help you balance your blood pressure level as well. To register online go to

Brings a Positive Outlook
People who are healthy and in shape are generally considered as happy people. You can believe this analysis because when your body feels lighter and healthier you are more cheerful. You are much prepared to face stress and the way you look at things will ultimately change for the better.
Such an aura is probably going to positively influence your surroundings as well.

If you are a member of a fitness centre you should make it a point to listen to your steel mace personal trainer very carefully because their guidance will help you in achieving your fitness goals efficiently.

Increases Efficiency
If you stay in shape it will undoubtedly make you feel confident, healthy and even helps you develop an optimistic attitude towards life. All these qualities will push you towards an increased level of efficiency in everything that you will do. Such a progress will definitely make your life blissful.
It depends upon your motivation and dedication towards achieving your fitness goals.

Steel mace training is a great tool for building strong durable shoulders. Even a seasoned steel mace personal trainer would need you to be disciplined during your training. You should keep your body fit and in shape no matter what age you are. It matters a lot.

How To Become a Personal Trainer

Steps for Becoming a Personal Trainer
These days, more and more people are aiming to achieve a healthier lifestyle, partly due to the rising awareness about the ill-effects of obesity and a sedentary life.

Naturally, the demand for personal trainers is also on the rise and it is one of the hottest careers worldwide right now. And Australia being a sports-loving nation, you can easily make a viable career from training people to stay fit, agile and strong.

All you have to do is complete your personal trainer courses from a reputable institution and you are on your way to becoming a successful personal trainer.

Want to become a personal trainer?

Do Some Research First
A well-planned approach is crucial when you want to achieve your career goal. There are hundreds of training institutes offering personal training certification that claims to groom you into a ‘first class trainer. However, not all of these are trustworthy so what you should definitely check is the accreditation.

macebell certification copy

Accreditation with a national body of fitness trainers guarantees that the institute conforms to the industry standards. They employ some of the best coaches, follow the latest curriculum, offer a wide range of specialties and address every detail that is required to make you a COMPLETE personal trainer. Check out some tips for how you can start marketing your personal training business.

Consider your Own Convenience
Once you have decided to join personal trainer courses, you would definitely not like to quit midway because of any inconvenience whatsoever. So before enrolling, know all about the fee structure, timings, duration and any other details that are likely to clash with your daily priorities.

Many institutes offer online courses, some allow you to pay your fees in installments and some even offer discounts for early birds.

Begin your Study Program
Once you have worked out the details, it’s time to join your institute and start with your study program.

In Australia, the basic educational requirement for joining any institute is high school certificate and you should be 18years of age. On enrolling, you will do through the basics of fitness training, how to conduct classes, motivate your clients, expand your business and so on.

Completing this basic course awards you a Certificate III in fitness training which will enable you to work at a gym or be part of a group training program.

To become a full-time personal trainer, you need to study further and complete Certificate IV in fitness training. Once you have passed this stage, you will be qualified to train clients on one-to-one basis, start your own gym and offer group training sessions.

Do a Niche Course
Most top-rated institutes offer you the further advantage of undergoing a specialty or a niche personal trainer courses. Such courses improve your business opportunities and portray you further as an expert in your chosen field. Such nice segments can be kettlebell training, aerobics, pilates, geriatric training, rehab training, sports training and so on. You can find some great courses at:

Join a Training Session
Once you have your certificates and completed your niche, it’s time to get employed. It is advisable to initially join a gym or a bootcamp or group training session just to understand the details of the job.

How to Choose a Clubbell Course

How to Choose a Clubbell Personal Trainer Course?

As the demand for clubbell training grows, so does the number of institutes offering clubbell course for fitness instructors. However, not all institutes offer the same level of quality programmes and courses and you should always select with care as to where to do your training from.

As with all physical exercise approach, clubbell training too has its risks and benefits.  Personal trainer courses that are comprehensive, have the right approach and incorporate all the basic aspects will help you become a trainer with the right degree of expertise, knowledge and confidence required to become successful in your chosen niche.

Selecting a Clubbell Course

In its most basic form, clubbell training is nothing but regular weight training done with clubbells. However, what makes this unique is the exclusive shape of the clubbell which makes it all the more difficult to handle and manouver it correctly.  Therefore you must select a course that not only teaches you the basics of a clubbell certification but also puts equal emphasis on the safety aspect.

The Course should teach you to Select the Right Client

Regular clubbell training should be offered only to clients who are ‘healthy’ in the normal way.

They should have good movement abilities along with basic strength to undergo the rigours of clubbell workout. Your training course should therefore teach you how to identify the right clients or how to modify the intensity of a Clubbell Australia workout to suit clients with special needs.

The Course should teach you to Master the Technique

Knowing how to do an exercise yourself is one thing but coaching another individual is a completely different ball game. To be a proficient coach you need to master the technique first and this is what your course should teach you.

Making the Most of Your Functional Fitness Class

Tips for Making the Most of Your Functional Fitness Training Class

Exercising does not have to be a dull or boring one-hour schedule any more. With the introduction of Functional Fitness Training workouts, you will be able to enjoy training with other people who can prove good company as well as help to motivate you.

Fitness Australia CEC courses can be organized anywhere! You can meet up with friends in your backyard or a nearby park. A gym with all the regular equipment would be good, but the main purpose is to train in a company. So do not wait for everything to be perfect, start a boot camp class wherever and whenever it suits your small group of friends.

Before you get all enthused and go in for a hard workout with Functional Fitness Training, take time to do some warm-up exercises. Going straight into the heavy schedule you could injure yourself by pushing too hard. Given below are some safe static stretching exercises which will help you to warm up:

Here are some of the best kettlebell courses for CECs in Australia;

  • FFC
  • DFA
  • ETPA
  • AIFA
  • FTA

The Frankenstein Walk:

You need to keep your knees and back straight. Then walk and lift the legs out straight in front, all the while doing toe flexing. Do this for about 20 yards. For a ‘pushing harder’ version, try the same in skipping motion.

Try the leg swings:

Hold on to some firm support like a bar etc. and swing one leg outwards to the side. Swing the leg back in front of the other leg across the body. This exercise can be repeated ten times for each leg.

The macebell is a fantastic tool, nothing will build grip strength and shoulder strength like the mace! The one thing you will need to do though before training with the mace is to find a really good macebell certification. Maces can be dangerous so care must be taken!

Tips For Your Personal Training Certification

Physical workouts are fine, but you should be aware that there can be problems if they are not done under proper guidance and observance of other connected factors. Detailed below are some of the more important mistakes you should avoid when you exercise:

Do not over-train

Many people in an effort to lose weight quickly tend to over-train and in the process strain their muscles. Check out this online weight loss program! This can happen especially if you join a fitness certifications where the training is intense and requires heavy physical effort and endurance. Rather you should train just enough to shed those kilos. If you indulge in excess training, your body will tend to lock up. It will not allow the fat to burn off because it will be in a shocked state. So the fat remains. Get the fastest weight loss results.

Be wary when doing cardio

Cardio exercises call for a delicate balance. Overdoing the same will lead to unnecessary exhaustion. The recommended timings for cardio exercises would be 25 minutes minimum and 45 minutes maximum. It is in between these parameters that the fat burning effect is at its maximum.

Scale tracking

It is understandable you would like to track your weight regularly on the scales. But if you do not see an effective weight loss number, you could lose hope and stop the workouts. What you need to know is that the muscles in the body weigh more than the fat. Because of this your weight on the scales may not reflect the right weight loss.

If you are keen to assess whether you are losing weight, use a measuring tape on targeted areas of the body; your clothes will also tend to be loose. During your personal training course weight reduction takes place at a quicker pace.

fitness training

Sleep and pain tolerance

Sleep is important for any aspect of your life. Without proper sleep you will not be able to function to your utmost capacity. A good night’s sleep is essential when you are working out. Sleep deficiency slows you down and it can also create subtle changes in your hormone levels, more so those connected to stress, mood and muscle recovery.

Keep in mind that if you want to attain a good physique it will take effort and time. Undergoing the required weight training and cardio can lead to some tiredness and pain. You should be able to judge just how much pain tolerance you can take.

Meet the challenge

As mentioned above, you have to continually challenge yourself when working out. If you feel tiredness or exhaustion setting in you should not give up. Continue the exercise till the last rep. The tiredness and pain you experience will disappear soon but you will be rewarded as you progress in the weeks ahead. If you continue with the prescribed training session you will definitely obtain maximum results. People who attend a personal training certification have to put in a good bit of effort and undergo some discomfort during work-outs but the results they obtain make it all worthwhile.

5 Benefits of Working with a Gold Coast Personal Trainer

Your personal trainer in Gold Coast is probably one of the best people to offer you advice on health, nutrition and workouts. People may choose to work out with a personal trainer for several reasons. The increased chances of having observed success is possibly the main reason for the increasing popularity of a fitness instructor in today’s fitness scenario.

There are no miracle diets or workouts that guarantee immediate results. Specific changes have to be incorporated in your overall lifestyle in order to taste the success you so much desire to see.

Gold Coast boot camps also emphasize on this fact but not many understand the magnitude of this aspect and therefore, fitness or weight loss is still a complicated affair for many.

A Gold Coast personal trainer can advice on the importance of maintaining a clean and neat lifestyle, the significance of working out consistently and also the benefits that you tend to accrue from following a sensible diet. Some of the benefits of working out with a personal trainer are enumerated below in these great workouts

gold coast personal training

(1) Your personal trainer will help to determine if your fitness objective is practical and attainable considering your current medical condition. He is one who can evaluate your current level of fitness and the kind of exercises that you can be subjected to.

(2) A successful personal trainer Gold Coast is a complete authority on fitness and health and understands the implications when your body is subjected to differing intensities of workouts. Too much stress can result in severe medical complications and too little emphasis may not yield results you want to see. Deciding the right level of workout that is both safe and effective is efficiently done by your personal trainer. If you would like more information visit Personal Trainer Gold Coast.

(3) Besides designing a workout plan that is most suitable and effective for you, a personal trainer would also advice you on the kinds of food that must necessarily be consumed if you intend to follow a healthy lifestyle. Also, food items that are harmful should be kept away from as much as possible.

(4) The efforts you channelize in the direction of fitness must be maximized and you should be able to reap their benefits in a relatively short span of time. If you are new to weight training or to the gym, you may be unaware of what needs to be done.

(5) Commitment and dedication are two major components to your fitness objective. Personal trainers in Gold Coast will keep you motivated and help you stay on track on your workout sessions.

Enroll into Dangerously Fit Gold Coast to Lose Weight

Most people are aware of the benefits of exercise on their health but are unable to stick to a regular visit to the gym because they find it boring, dull and a chore. But there are other attractive alternatives to a gym that will appeal and interest you. Enroll into Dangerously Fit Gold Coast program and enjoy doing exercises coupled with fun, fitness and training.

Your personal trainer program give you best value for your money. To check it out visit Dangerously Fit Gold Coast Facebook page.

Dangerously Fit Gold Coast have handpicked instructors who are certified professionals, experienced and well trained to give you a conditioned and challenging workout program designed to tackle your specific requirement. They are knowledgeable and sensitive to your health issues and carefully evaluate your fitness program to give you best results.

Dangerously Fit Gold Coast

Dangerously Fit Gold Coast programs provide a comprehensive workout schedule. Personal trainers deal in fitness of body, mind and spirit. It focuses on your outer as well as inner strength by incorporating strength building exercises like cardio, weight lifting and core building with subtle exercises to reduce stress and improve mental health. Check out all the great comments about Dangerously Fit Gold Coast on Twitter.

Exercising outdoor under the sun motivates and energizes you. Sunlight is a great natural healer and its strengthening rays build your resistance to diseases, improve blood circulation, digestion, stamina, immunity, metabolism, sleep and most importantly produce vitamin D for healthy bones.

Personal trainers from Dangerously Fit Gold Coast constantly change their workout program to keep it interesting and lively as well as push you to higher level of workout program. They have jogging, trekking, swimming, jumping, running and functional strength exercises like lunges, squats, abdominal crunches and push-ups. They also provide nutritional tips in order to make your fitness program more effective and result oriented.

Personal trainer program transforms your body and mind. Dangerously Fit Gold Coast personal trainers are cost effective and gives you a structured fitness schedule at a place and time convenient to you. Their workout routine is balanced and flexible enough to suit your specific needs. The benefit of the gym is brought outdoors and their fitness programs boost your endurance levels and fill you with vitality and joy.

Practicing your fitness program with a Dangerously Fit Gold Coast fitness coach will make it easy for you to shed your added pounds in order to enjoy a life of good physical and mental health. There is no substitute to nature and its healing powers and the great outdoors is the best place to take the first step to fitness training.

Five Reasons Why Weight Loss Challenge is Easier Said than Done!

If you’re an overweight person trying to rid yourself of those extra pounds, all you need to do is register for a weight loss challenge online eat healthy and stay active through the day.  Simple enough!

Then, why do you find it so difficult to make weight loss a reality? It’s because, many factors make a seemingly simple solution practically tough to implement.

weight loss

Good health isn’t seen as a parameter for judging success

Often, a myopic view of seeing body weight as the sole measure of your success can make you shelve your plans, especially if your weight remains stubbornly the same despite continuous striving.

To keep yourself from giving up, you need to maintain a daily record of your exercise and stick to your daily calorie intake to lose weight. And keep in mind the positive health benefits they bring you in terms of energy, stamina and cheerfulness.  As small an effort as this can bring you big benefits in your weight shedding attempts.

Your slimming strategy isn’t humane

Your strategy for thinning should be reasonable and make losing weight easier for you by accommodating human weaknesses.

As far as diets are concerned, opt out of rigorous plans, but remain conscious of what you put into your mouth.  You may also try and jazz things up a bit now-and-then by allowing yourself an occasional indulgence in your favourite foods.

On the exercise front too, take steps to make your gym-time fun.   Listen to your favourite music or choose yourself a workout buddy.

Your surroundings tempt you

Be it your home or your office, it’s a temptations galore out there. Many-a-days, you find your refrigerator overflowing with processed, fatty foods brought in by your life partner.  It’s not uncommon to find colleagues at office tempting you with donuts and pizzas either.

It is, therefore, important to take special care to not let your surroundings weaken your will for weight loss.  Talk to your spouse and colleagues about how much fitness means to you.  Sign up for some online support with a 6 Week Body Challenge on Facebook where you will talk to like-minded people going through a weight loss journey and get some support from all the nutrition coaches and the community. Also avoid making impulsive card purchases and read the labels thoroughly before buying your food.

It’s difficult to spur yourself on for long

As weight reduction requires tenacious efforts over a long period, it can be quite challenging to keep your enthusiasm going all the while.  Hence, make it a point to reach out to your family/friends or join an online forum for emotional support.

Happy or sad, food is your ‘go-to’

If you’re that type of a person who ‘treats’ himself/ herself to an ice cream for a great day at office or who finds comfort in a burger after a fight with your best friend,  then you can’t expect yourself  to thin down in the near future.   In fact, you’re more likely to overcompensate for the calories burnt in exercise with your emotional eating making it best to seek professional help in your thinning endeavours.

Thus, weight loss places on you the tall demand of making healthy choices every single day of your slim-down time.  Nevertheless, this arduous journey is worth all your efforts and much more!